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Photo Restoration

If you are reading this, chances are you have experienced one of the following situations regarding your wedding or family portraits...

...Did you contract with another photography studio for professional wedding services only to be handed a CD full of images & told it's up to you to have them printed?

...Have you had them printed but don't like the quality?

...Are you on the verge of tears because well meaning family or friends photographed your wedding or event and now you do not have a decent picture to frame?

...Have your treasured wedding or family portraits been damaged somehow or faded with time and you would desperately like to have them restored?

... Are you a pro-photographer who made a costly mistake in shooting a wedding and now have less than ideal photographs to show your client?

Whatever the case, chances are we can help you! Bring us whatever you have and we will do our best to transform them into beautiful portraits you will be proud to display! Give us a call at 817-246-2202 and let us see what we can do for you!

Please ask us about wedding albums and framing services.

(Disclaimer: It is to be understood that Kinnaird Photography is not responsible for quality or composition of print. We will merely improve what we are given to work with and do our best to provide you with a decent print. Obviously, the better the file or print you give us, the better results that will be attained. If we are doing the printing, it is also to be understood that by giving us these images to print, that you have the copyright to these images and are willing to sign a copyright release absolving Kinnaird Photography from all liability. Cost will depend on amount of artwork needed & number of images to be retouched and/or printed.)