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Football, Baseball, T-Ball, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Hockey, Golf, Tennis, Wrestling, Bowling, Swimming, Rodeo, Figure Skating, Dance, Gymnastics, Track, Car Shows/Racing, Cheerleading, Drill Team etc... 

Whatever sport you play...

 Whether you are a League, Team, or just one player "Kinnaird Photography" wants to be your sports photographer!

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Meet Brian Kinnaird:
Administrative Support Coordinator

Youth Team Sports

"The sports photos we take today become part of a permanant record of your young athlete's growth."

Your young athlete's will look back at the hard work they put in and the fun they had doing it. As parents, sponsors, and coaches, you want to share quality photographs and products, with family and friends.  Let Kinnaird Photography become 'The Photographer of Choice' for your team or sports organization.

We follow these simple steps to achieve superior service.

Provide superior portraits at a good price.
Our staff is comprised of photographers and assistants that enjoy working with children and are trained to bring out the best in each child. Our year round focus is to provide our customers with the quality and service that will insure that we are welcomed back year after year.

 Stay on time during portrait day.
 We work with you in creating the portrait day schedule to insure that we can stay on time and not delay or confuse your game schedule.

Return the portraits to you, our customer, quickly and efficiently.
 We provide a 2-4 week turn-a-round. When we return with the portraits, we handle the distribution of the portraits to the player/parents.

Family owned & operated.
Because we are not a franchise, we can custom tailor our fund raising program, portrait packages and services to fit your needs. Just ask, chances are we can do it!

Competitive pricing.
 We are not always the lowest priced photography company. Price is not the only aspect to consider. In order for us to to provide high quality service, photographs and products, and capture the best image possible, we must create a happy and positive atmosphere. In order to keep quality personnel, they must be fairly compensated. A lot of companies under bid and over promise, resulting in poor quality, and slow or NO portrait delivery. This makes for very dissatisfied parents, leagues and photography staff.

Pre-pay payment method:
The trend seems to be these days for parents to pay later for portraits. We find that it is not always advantageous to do this.

Pre-pay method is better for the league:
We know from experience that things go smoother when the money is taken care of up front. This is because when the money and orders all in, the league receives its' commission check. If parents are slow to order and pay, which is many time the case, then the leagues' check is held up.

Pre-Pay is better for the family: 
With the pre-pay method, we are able to offer more in our packages at lower prices, and we pass those savings on to our customers. We find that the tried and true methods are always the best. We stick with what works best. Zero risk because we guarantee all our portraits & products, if you are not happy with your portraits for any reason, we will give you a complete refund.

Pay Later method:
If, after considering all options, the whole team or league would prefer to pay later, then please add $10.00 to each package to cover additional costs. Your photos will also be available for viewing and ordering online.

Many companies have come and gone and we don't plan on being one of those. We hope that Kinnaird Photography will be providing quality sports portraits and services for many years to come!


 We work with you to create the photo schedule and deliver the pictures in person to the player or parents.

The League wins by:
1. Increasing fund raising returns.

2. Promoting a successful portrait day with happy players, parents and coaches.

3. Receiving Sponsor Plaques and Team photos for the coaches.

The family wins by:
1. Having generous portrait packages and extras to choose from at affordable prices.

2. Receiving quality portraits of their son/daughter in 2-4 weeks.

3. Having a pleasant portrait experience and being happy with the results.

It seems that year after year, many leagues experience problems with uniform suppliers, trophy shops, photographers and other vendors. We have listened to our customers and have adapted our way of business to serve their needs.  We have learned that there are several key items that the leagues are looking for. These items include:

1. Quality photographs. We use only the best professional photographers, equipment, and lab for all our portraits.
2. Staying on time during portrait day.
3. Returning the portraits quickly and when scheduled.
4. Delivering the fund raising check on time and for the amount promised.
5. Eliminating the hassels and headaches associated with ordering trophies and plaques. Let us handle that for you!   We use Eclipse & Co. Trophies & Awards the best and most reliable trophy shop, in the Fort worth area.

Everyone involved with running the league is a volunteer. These volunteers dedicate hundreds of hours per season to provide learning and exciting experiences for our children. The last thing they need to deal with are hassels and problems from the vendors that are getting paid to provide a service to them! We are able to stay on time during the portrait day because we do not promise a schedule that looks great on paper, but would not allow us to take quality portraits. As you know, working with children requires a lot of patience. It seems the more you try to hurry a child, the more difficult the task becomes. You know what the league and individual teams need, and we know what is required to produce quality, parent pleasing photographs. This is why we work with you to prepare your portrait day schedule

Once we begin a relationship with a team or league, we strive to keep it going. This is the reason we return the portraits and the fund raising check quickly and on time. We enjoy working with the children and providing cherished memories for years to come.


1. Kinnaird Photography will provide quality photographs of the teams, individual players and coaches, with quick turn-a-round. We will photograph everyone on the team including the coaches whether a package is ordered or not. We leave no one out because of financial hardship. For those who are unable to pay, they will receive one 3x5 individual portrait and one 5x7 team photo at no charge. Coaches must verify eligibility.

2. Kinnaird Photography will handle all the details in setting up portrait sessions; collecting money, and delivering finished products.

3. Kinnaird photography will pay to the leagues the usual commission for each portrait package sold.

4. Kinnaird Photography will handle all arrangements for the team trophies, plaques, medals, ribbons, be ordered, and delivered on time, at the best and lowest possible prices available. If requested to do so.

5. Kinnaird photography will provide one sponsor plaque or one coaches plaque per team and 5x7 team photos for all sponsors and coaches.

6. Kinnaird Photography will schedule a day and time for re-takes after all the portraits are delivered.

Thank you for choosing Kinnaird Photography!


What to expect on portrait day:

1. Kinnaird Photography arrives approximately 1 hour prior to first scheduled team to set up.
a. Products are displayed if requested and available.
b. Ready to start!

2. Team(s) are line up and then led to cashier's table.

3. Envelopes are checked, orders are stamped paid and returned to athlete.

4. When team is finished at the cashier's table, each athlete hands the photographer his/her envelope before entering the area to be photographed. Athlete is photographed.

5. When all individual photographs are taken, team is lead to the team photo area. Team portrait is taken and team is dimissed.

 Ask about Personalized photo Sports Posters!

Also available are "Picture Balls" with acrylic stands- These balls make a great collectible for Athletes, Parents, Grandparents, and Coaches.

Individual & Team pictures can be put on:

• Baseballs
• Softballs
• Basketballs
• Soccerballs
• Volleyballs
• Golfballs and Hockey Pucks

We can customize the balls by placing an individual name or team name on the balls.
There is an extra charge for names.

Ask about on line viewing & ordering!

We accept Cash, Checks, Money Orders, Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express!

To schedule an appointment please call 817-246-2202 or email me.